Northern Beaches

Current and Projected Employment

  • Employment is defined as employed persons by place of work within the LGA.
  • Employment projections are from the 2019 Release of Transport for NSW's travel zone projections.

Employment Lands Development Monitor

Employment lands are defined as lands zoned for industrial or similar purposes in planning instruments. The Employment Lands Development Monitor (ELDM) is a source of information and a research tool used for planning, delivery and servicing of employment lands.

ELDM employment land supply by zone type, 2021

Hectares Developed Undeveloped Total
IN1 General Industrial 123.8 1.2 125.0
IN2 Light Industrial 51.4 0.2 51.6
IN3 Heavy Industrial 0 0 0
IN4 Working Waterfront 1.5 0 1.5
B5 Business Development 20.1 0 20.1
B6 Enterprise Corridor 11.0 0 11.0
B7 Business Park 105.2 4.9 110.1
Western Sydney Aerotropolis1 0 0 0
SP1 Special Activities NA NA NA
SP2 Defence / Air Transport Facility NA NA NA
Total1 313.0 6.3 319.3
NA = Not available or non-existent data
1Total may be subject to rounding error.
  • IN1 General Industrial

    IN1 is a zone intended to provide a wide range of general industrial and warehouse land uses. Business and retail uses are not permitted in this zone and this includes bulky good premises.

  • IN2 Light Industrial

    IN2 is a zone intended to provide a range of light industrial and warehouse land uses. Light industries are industial activities which do not interfere with neighbourhood amenity of adjacent residential areas.

  • IN3 Heavy Industrial

    IN3 is a zone intended for those industries, including hazardous and offensive industries that present a risk to the environment and people. For example ...

  • IN4 Working Waaterfront

    IN4 is a specialized zone which provides for maritime-specific activities and compementary industries which requires direct waterfront access.

  • B5 Business Development

    The B5 zone provides for a mix of uses including warehouses and bulky goods permises that require a large floor area in locations that are closes to - and support the viability of - centres. It is the only zone which specifically mandates `bulky goods premises` as a use `permitted with content`.

  • B6 Enterprise Corridor

    The B6 Enterprise Corridor zone enables a mix of employment uses including business, office and light industrial as well as bulky goods retailing. The zone applies in a few small areas along main roads.

  • B7 Business Park

    The B7 zone is a light industrial zone that allows office premises with the aim of encouraging high density employment opportunities in appropriate locations.