Housing Demand

Implied Dwellings

Implied Dwellings
Implied dwellings are the required dwellings needed in a council to meet future demand if the population and household formations are the same as in 2016 (the last census). Please note that implied dwellings are not targets or supply.

Household types from 2016 projected to 2041

Source: NSW Department of Planning and Environment (2022 NSW population projections)
For latest Projections data please refer to: https://www.planningportal.nsw.gov.au/insights-and-demography

Housing Approvals

Source: ABS

Key Housing Market Indicators

Detached dwellings Attached dwellings
Total dwelling Stock NA NA
Number of sales listings last 12 months 246 26
Median sales price last 12 months $335,000 $300,000
Average annual price growth last 5 years 1% 0.2%
Number of rental listings last 12 months 183 79
Median asking Rent last 12 months $383 $280
Average annual rent growth last 5 years 14.2% 16.7%
Rental vacancy last 3 months 0.7%

NA = Not available or non-existent data

Source: CoreLogic, SQM Research, NSW Planning and Environment
You can find data and more information on other forms of housing on the NSW Department of Planning and Environment website and the Housing Evidence Centre