Housing Demand

Implied Dwellings

Implied Dwellings
Implied dwellings are the required dwellings needed in a council to meet future demand if the population and household formations are the same as in 2016 (the last census). Please note that implied dwellings are not targets or supply.

Household types from 2016 projected to 2041

Source: NSW Department of Planning and Environment (2022 NSW population projections)
For latest Projections data please refer to: https://www.planningportal.nsw.gov.au/insights-and-demography

Housing Supply

Number of completed dwellings

Source: NSW Department of Planning and Environment (Greater Sydney Urban Development Program)

You can find information on the Greater Sydney Commission housing supply targets on the commission's website.

The Sydney Housing Supply Forecast is updated yearly and provides information on where, when, and how many new homes are likely to be built within the city.

Other Housing

Other forms of housing can include
  • secondary dwellings
  • boarding houses
  • student accommodation
  • group homes
  • seniors living developments including retirement villages, hostels, aged care facilities
  • manufactured housing estates.

You can find data and more information on housing targets, other forms of housing on the NSW Department of Planning and Environment website and the Housing Evidence Centre