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Your Council's Community Leadership

Result Group Avg.
Number of Councillors1513
Population per councillor15,80014,031
Development Applications determined by councillors (%)01.7
Audited Financial Reports submitted by due date (Y/N)YY
Code of Conduct Complaints (No.)144
Complaints Investigated requiring action (No.)01
Cost of dealing with Code of Conduct Complaints ($)26,56812,237
Population per FTE Staff (No.)299248
Councillor expenses ($)37,00097,278
Total mayoral and councillor fees ($)506,000442,111
Mayoral and councillor Overseas travel ($)00
Mayoral and councillor conference expenses ($)19,34127,289
Mayoral and councillor interstate travel ($)03,360
General manager remuneration ($)413,894464,452


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Aboriginal & Torres
Strait Islander

Language Diversity

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Number of Code of Conduct Complaints

Cost of Code of Conduct Complaints ($)